The developers at TiGames are a group of console game fans, after working in gaming industry for a few years, they want to make something from their hearts--a console game they themselves and other players will all love to play.


The developers of ANNO: Mutationem are composed of a bunch of veterans and youngsters full of enthusiasm in console game development field. With the combination of the pixel art style and the cyberpunk elements, those hardcore action game lovers strike up the world of ANNO: Mutationem.

In Nightmare

"In Nightmare"(working title) is the game which the Magic Fish Studio is making currently. This is a dark fairytale of exploring the growing pain and self-salvation. Players will wander in misterious dream world, in other world, it is an adventure game combined with imagination and realism.


Spikewave Games is a passionate game development team founded by four experienced hardcore game developers whose years of close cooperation have forged a shared vision in addition to a highly efficient team.


AI LIMIT is a hardcore action role-playing game created by PalmPioneer's SENSE GAMES studio. It has a rich world of exploration and a thrilling battle experience. In the game, the player will control the heroine Arrisa, relying on his ability and will to save the future world full of threats and mysteries.


The year of 2019 meant not only hope, but also challenges to the developing team of Convallaria Project of Chengdu Loong Force.Unlike other shooting games, Convallaria Project tries to show players with different emotional clutters, real-like experiencing as well as the stronger and more smooth battle plays.


JOLLY ROGER GAME Co., Ltd.  was established on April 10, 2018. It is a young studio, which is dedicated to independently developing higher quality Chinese games and providing them to global players to create original game IP. R&D studio.