Hardcore Mecha


Producer:Li Dongcheng

JOLLY ROGER GAME Co., Ltd.  was established on April 10, 2018. It is a young studio, which is dedicated to independently developing higher quality Chinese games and providing them to global players to create original game IP. R&D studio. The studio has an excellent R&D team and constantly updates the technology and philosophy of game design and development, and is committed to maintaining a leading position in the gaming industry. The core members of the team are from well-known domestic game companies. The average game industry experience has been more than 5 years, and they have participated in the research and development of many large-scale online games.

At present, the studio is fully developing a large-scale multiplayer online competitive game based on the new IP "RAN: Lost Islands". The founder and core team members of the studio have worked in well-known domestic game companies. Now they choose to set up an independent studio to complete the dream of making console games all the time. "RAN: Lost Islands" is the first work after the establishment of the studio. It is also the beginning of the team's dream. This work chose the 17th century, which is the era when the world civilization began to merge and the big voyage began. The team members hope to create a cold weapon game that can be accepted by the world wide  players.