Yao Kun, the founder of VIVA GAMES, used to work for a very famous japanese major game company, he saw almost everything related to development and accumulated a lot developing knowledge. in 2016 fall, this title released the very playable demo on China PlayStation®Store and it received positive comments from users who downloaded and played it. Till now, this build still keeps the top 1 download record in this store.

Project Boundary

If CHPJ is like a journey to the unknown nebula for findling those shiny new stars, then Project Boundary, the very first selected title which's developed by Surgical Scalpels Studio is the very first star. This PlayStation®4 title has attracted a lot eyeballs since its first announcement.


Mufei and his lads founded the studio called RocketPunch Games. This name is inspired by a very famous special move from a retro Japan mecha anime last centry. What they are doing now is the game called HARDCORE MECHA. This title already attracted a lot attention worldwide. Right now, it will be released on PlayStation®4 with whole new and juicy contents.

Lost Soul Aside

Yangbing never knew that Lost Soul Aside can be one of the CHPJ selected titles when he firstly put the very first demo onto Youtube, also he never knew the thing he made can attract so many attention amoung global users. Back in that time, his answer to those people was: it might take at leat 1 decade to finish the title because he was doing this alone.


Pervader will be a PlayStation® title by using Unreal Engine 4. Player will play different roles to experience the immersive crisis from various perspectives. Although they are using some avant ideas for the title but they never forget where they from. They add some decent China element properly to make the game look familiar to Chinese users and interesting to overseas users.

Animal Force

Based on VR, which is the newest and maybe the most important platform after the previous smart phone era, Producer Zheng Zhenggang and his team from ISVR, produced a title call Animal Force. This title utilizes the VR feature with the LOWPOLY art style and its execellent character design, it has already retrieved many domestic and overseas awards, right now it comes to PlayStation®VR to show its potential.

the Walker