Hardcore Mecha


Producer:Yao Kun

Yao Kun, the founder of VIVA GAMES, use to work for a very famous Japanese major game company, he saw almost everything related to the development and accumulated a lot of developing knowledge. Now he chooses to go back to his home country to seek experienced developers who are capable of developing console games and they together established this studio. Kill X is the one game they are putting all efforts into.

In 2016 fall, this title released a playable demo on China mainland PlayStation®Store and it has received positive comments from users who downloaded and played it. Until now, this build still maintains top ranking record in the store.

Yet, this is clearly not the ultimate milestone the team wants to achieve. It is just the beginning. The final version of the game will contain not just shooting and path-finding gameplay but also puzzle adventure elements. DEV wants to bring the immersive experience to a higher level.