Hardcore Mecha

Lost Soul Aside

Producer:Yang Bin
Ultizero Games

Yangbing never knew that Lost Soul Aside can be one of the CHPJ selected titles when he put the very first demo onto YouTube, also he never knew the trailer he made can attract so many attentions amongst global users. Back in that time, his answer to those people was: it might take at least 1 decade to finish the title because he was doing this alone.

Now to users, they may not need to wait that long to purchase the copy of the game.

So Yangbing came back to China, founded his own company called Ultizero Games and started hiring people all over China to accelerate the process of development.

So now, Yangbing is not alone anymore. He already has a team which has more than 14 developers, also he has China Hero Project's support. More and more people walk together during his journey, everything is becoming better than before.