Hardcore Mecha


Producer:Pu An
Light & Digital

Pu An, the producer of Pervader, believes the full potential and talent of his artists, that can explain there are tons of toy figures or tools in the office. Now those artists are working on their latest title: Pervader. From tiny gameplay, facial motion capture to story board, everything is in every corner of the office, waiting for developers to find out and start a new round of discussion.

Pervader is under development by using Unreal Engine 4. Player will play different roles to experience the immersive crisis from various perspectives. Although they are using some advanced ideas for the title but they never forget where they are from. They add some decent Chinese cultural elements properly to make the game look familiar to Chinese users and interesting to overseas users.

Maybe the biggest difference between Pervader and other titles is the pace and the way they release those contents, but this is exactly the thing they want. Hope this title can bring more surprise in the near future.