Hardcore Mecha

Project Boundary

Surgical Scalpels Studio

If China Hero Project is like a journey to the unknown nebula for finding those shiny new stars, then Project Boundary, the very first selected title which is developed by Surgical Scalpels Studio is the very first star. This PlayStation®4 title has attracted a lot of attention since its first announcement.

The studio remains a low profile but a high efficient developing pace after they have released the first trailer of this game. Frank, one of the founders of the studio used to work in UK for over a decade in the gaming industry, his engineering career helps him meet with other founders when he came back to China, they together then created the studio. Project Boundary itself also became more complete compared to its very first GDD and prototype.

Although the team is still busy developing which means audience may wait a bit longer to see more news, but the most important thing to the team is to create a completed and high quality content.

After becoming one of the selected titles of CHPJ, Surgical Scalpel team can better perform their "surgery" with the benefit of CHPJ including SIE and its related partners, in other words: by accomplishing the title they wish to ship: Project Boundary.